The Best Strategy to Get a Solid Example of a 5-Paragraph Essay

A “5-paragraph essay” structure is the most common and easily understandable for a short essay. Though this type of assignment seems easy, many students have trouble writing it. It would be great to have a good example on your hands so you can get a clear picture of what should be done. Here are some tactics you can use to get a great sample of a 5-paragraph essay.

  1. Ask your teacher for some samples.
  2. It is probably not the first time your teacher has given such an assignment to his or her students. He or she must have a lot of different essays from previous students. Additionally, your teacher should provide you not only with essay instructions, but also with some helpful resources that can help you in your writing.

  3. Search for essay examples in free online databases.
  4. Usually, library websites provide access to their online databases. You will need to create an account if you want to use the website freely. Alternatively, you can simply look for for some samples among Google search results. For example, some works are posted in PDF format, so you can easily download them onto your computer. The websites with informative articles and advice on how to write different pieces of work often provide examples of those papers. So, you can read some advice concerning the essay and see a concrete example.

  5. Ask for samples from a custom writing service.
  6. Professional writing services usually display some examples of their works for free. It would be rather difficult to find a sample of a 5-paragraph essay on their websites, so you can contact a writing service and ask it to send you one. Explain that you are looking for some help with your essay and are considering it to write it in your stead. You can use the draft as an example to complete your essay yourself, or use the services of the writing company.

  7. Visit a college or university website.
  8. Colleges and universities post many writing tips and recommendations for their students to use for their papers. There’s no doubt that you will find some solid essay samples that you can view and download. By looking at these examples, you will be able to write your own paper effortlessly.

  9. Use websites meant for students.
  10. There are websites created to assist students. They have free databases where you can find any essay, paper, or book report. All you need is to do is type the topic of your paper into the search bar and choose what you like.