How To Use Critical Analysis In An Essay- Advice From An Expert

When you are writing an essay in college or even in some advanced high school classes, you will need to include a critical analysis in your piece. This is an assessment of the content and it looks deeper than the plot. The concept itself is not a skill that only advanced students can handle. We conduct this type of analysis every day in almost every significant decision that we make.

It involves assessing the argument. For example, when you watch an ad on television, you would decide if the concept is believable. Do they present a good argument? The idea is to decide whether you are convinced by the argument. Here are some ways to use critical analysis in an essay.

  1. Background information
  2. You will want to avoid descriptions that are not going to help your case. The reader only needs to know the information that directly pertains to what you are trying to tell them about the topic. You can tell this by removing it and seeing whether your reader would still be able to understand the topic that you are talking about. You want to be able to know why something has happened over just telling your reader why it happened. That is the difference between a description and an analysis.

  3. Use specifics
  4. You want to make sure that you make specific statements instead of generalizations. If you make generalizations, it will be hard for you to prove your points. You want to make points that can be backed up with evidence and examples.

  5. Include opposing viewpoints
  6. It is an effective method to add the opposing view in your essay. You will want to add direct evidence to refute the evidence. You can use it to your advantage. Tell your reader why the opposing view is incorrect by explaining direct reasons why it is.

  7. Explain the evidence
  8. Don’t just present the evidence without explaining why it proves your point. You need to include both the piece of evidence and the explanation. If you don’t explain it, your reader may miss it. The whole point of writing a paper is to prove your point so you want to make every effort for your audience to understand it.

You need to make sure that you are analyzing the piece critically to ensure that you are writing and these methods can help you do just that.