How To Compose An Essay Thesis Statement – Free Tips And Examples

The thesis statement is probably the most important sentence or couple of sentences in the entire paper. It is the main idea or what the entire paper is about. It is a one or two sentence summary of the paper. When students think of having to write a thesis statement, they get intimidated. It sounds and seems like such a difficult task. It doesn’t have to be. Yes, it is important that you create a good thesis but it doesn’t have to be very complex. Here are a few tips to help you write a successful one and a few examples to show you how it is done.


  • Make a statement and then use a word like “because” and list the reasons.
  • Make sure that it is the focus of the paper. Every word and every sentence should be aimed to prove this statement or related to this statement.
  • Create an outline first and that should help you write a better thesis because it will identify the main points.
  • Adjust your thesis statement if your research takes you in another direction. You don’t have to keep it stuck in stone and struggle to find things to prove it. You may find that you can make a better analysis once you have started the research.
  • Keep it simple. A lot of people think that their thesis has to be this complex statement. It should be easily recognizable as the thesis and can be very simple.


  • The team did not succeed at completing the task because they did not communicate well, they fought instead of trying to work through issues, and they tried to complete tasks on their own instead of working as a group.
  • The cat would be better at the Smith home because they have a huge yard, their kids are a little older, and they don’t work ten hour days.
  • The thesis statement is so important because it explains what the paper is about, it helps guide the reader through the paper as a transition, and it makes the point and the reasons behind it very clear.

There are some really good tips and examples to help you complete this assignment successfully. As you can see, they didn’t have to be complex to get the point across to the reader. It is a transition to the body of the paper as well so it helps the paper flow nicely.