Top 27 Inspiring Argumentative Essay Topics About Soccer

Soccer is a team sports game popular all over the world. Actually, it’s called “soccer” only in the USA and the rest of the world calls it “football.” The game develops both physical strength of an athlete and their ability to work in a team. If you’re assigned to write an argumentative essay on soccer, but cannot come up with good ideas, the sample topics below might provide you with the inspiration.

Topics on Soccer

  1. The best coaching method.
  2. Soccer teams shouldn’t consist of athletes of one gender.
  3. Soccer players should be athletes and not celebrities.
  4. Soccer in third world countries should be more supported.
  5. Athletes who use steroids should be banned from their teams.
  6. School students should play soccer.
  7. Soccer athletes are paid too much.
  8. College soccer teams should have an opportunity to hire professional coaches.
  9. Soccer fans should be less aggressive.
  10. The effect of media on soccer.
  11. A nerd can be a soccer player too.
  12. Soccer is more popular than interesting.
  13. Video games about soccer are very realistic.
  14. Some rules in soccer should be reconsidered.
  15. Soccer players shouldn’t be transferred from team to team.
  16. Dogs can play soccer.
  17. Soccer teams shouldn’t advertise alcohol brands.
  18. A good coach is 50% of a soccer team success.
  19. A soccer team that plays on its home field gains an advantage.
  20. Playing soccer is a good way to have fun.
  21. Forwards should be paid for each goal scored.
  22. Soccer should be made the national sport of the USA.
  23. College soccer players should get paid.
  24. Soccer teams should use more interesting names.
  25. National soccer teams shouldn’t hire coaches from other countries.
  26. Soccer lacks cheerleaders.
  27. Brazilians are the best soccer players.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

For your argumentative paper to be successful, you should raise arguments that can be supported not only with your opinion but also with facts from respectable sources. To come up with such arguments, you should conduct thorough research on your soccer related topic. To find good sources that will contain factual evidence that you need, you should consult your teacher or use online help. There are plenty of soccer/football forums where you may ask your questions and get good answers. Make sure to come up with at least three strong arguments in support of your thesis statement and present them separately in the body of your essay.