Argumentative Essay Topics: How To Come Up With A Fresh Idea

In the argumentative essay, you are trying to systematically convince your audience to agree with your stance. This may be difficult. You have to be careful to lean on facts, and not on emotions. However, some of the most effective composition topics are fueled by emotion. Additionally many of the best topics have been over-used and quite frankly beaten to death. The innovative ones are more difficult to create. Consider some of the topics below and then use our suggestions for finding other topics that might better appeal to you. In order to get a fresh topic look at these places:

  • Topics
  • Sports
  • School/education
  • Celebrities
  • Politics
  • Technology
  • Going green
  • Medicine
  • ISIS
  • Social media-check the social media live streams and see what subjects are current, you might want to select one of those ideas if there is enough support for the one you like
  • Online news sites-you can sign-up for news flash reports to be delivered to your phone. You do not have to read the newspaper from front to back every day. You can scan the messages and see if any topics appeal to you for your paper.
  • Your teacher-teachers always have favorite topics. They just wait for a student who needs a topic to ask. Go and see your teacher for idea inspiration. You will not be disappointed with the results.
  • Friends-you hang around with your friends more than you do with your family members. They may have several topic ideas and are trying to pick one for their paper. Ask them if you can use one of the ones they are not using for your argumentative composition.
  • Debate sites- a person who is on the debate teams specializes in arguing and proving points. There are many national debate sites where topic ideas will be listed. These have public access and you do not need to be on a team to use them. By going to a debate website, you should be able to find many options for your paper.

As you look for the perfect topic for you argumentative piece, look at social media updates and websites, look at online news places, ask your teacher for ideas, talk to your friends, and go visit a few debate sites for potential suggestions and picks. You will find an innovative choice for your nest paper at one of these sites.