Helpful Recommendations On Picking An Essay Topic About School Life

School life is a very broad topic, though it seems to be one that teachers enjoy. It is for this reason that it is very likely you will be writing an essay about school life at some point in your life. So, what exactly is “school life” and how do you begin to pick at topic? Here are some helpful recommendations to help you choose an essay topic for a “school life” assignment more easily.

  • #1: Know What Your Teacher is Expecting
  • Consider exactly what your assignment entails. Does your teacher expect you to write about a day in your school life, or are they expecting something related to school life? How much freedom do you have in choosing your topic? You can ask your teacher this question, or you can read over the rubric for the assignment. Understanding the guidelines is the first step in choosing an appropriate topic.

  • #2: Know What Kind of Essay is Expected
  • You should also make sure that you know exactly what type of essay your teacher is expecting. Should your writing be exploratory, persuasive, or compare and contrast? If there are no guidelines, then you will be free to choose. If there are provided guidelines (ask your teacher or check the rubric!) then be sure to follow them closely to choose an appropriate topic about school life.

  • #3: Follow the Brainstorming Process
  • Finally, follow the brainstorming process to produce an excellent paper. Begin by brainstorming several ideas. Choose some of the best and conduct preliminary research. Once you have done this, either broaden or narrow your topic to fit the length of the assignment. Choosing an appropriate topic and length is essential to producing a great piece of writing.

Topic Ideas

If you are struggling to find a topic for an essay on school life, here are some great ideas to get you started.

  1. How your school life is now vs. how it was in middle school or high school
  2. Your old relationships/friendships and how they changed or did not change when you went to a new school
  3. A typical day in your school life and whether you would have committed to more or less
  4. How much of your school life comes home with you in the form of assignments, projects, etc.
  5. How your decisions and attitude toward middle and high school effects your life now