History Of The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl Cup came into existence in a very peculiar way. All games have rivalry and it is mostly experienced in the leagues played in each country. In America, they have two bodies that run American Football leagues. The two bodies are the National Football League and the American Football Leagues. Both of these bodies have got teams that play. There was a great rivalry between teams that played in these two leagues. Neither of the two leagues could concede to being referred as inferior to the other. The leagues were thus managed well and each had an excellent collection of teams. They both produced great players for the American National Football team.

Birth of the Super Bowl Cup

This cup started after the two bodies running Football leagues in America agreed to have a merger. The merger agreements lead to the formation of one of the most prestigious cup in American Football. The cup is played each year in the late summer before the beginning of the main leagues by the two bodies. It is a championship game that is played by the both winners of the leagues in America. It was first seen as a battle of supremacy to show which is the best or the most superior league of the NFL and the AFL. After the merger that took place in the year 1970, the two leagues had to change their name to National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC). This left American Football League as the head of all American Football activities. The Super Bowl has since then been played and it is considered as the highest professional level an American Football player can play in.

The cups Identity

After the merger, Super Bowl gained a lot of support from both citizens. The championship is played on a Sunday. This gives a lot of people a chance to go and watch. In fact, most people call the Super Bowl Sunday an informal public holiday. Most people like to identify with the championships day. This day a lot of food is consumed in America. The total food consumption on this day plays second to the Thanksgiving Day. The Super Bowl championship is the second most watched sports activity in America after UEFA Champions League Finals. The history of the Super Bowl cup is one that will keep the Americans together for a very long time. Each edition is given a Roman number. The 2015 edition was Super Bowl XLIX. This edition set a record of 114.4 million viewers.