How To Pick Up Good Discursive Essay Topics On Pros And Cons Of Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is a rising trend and controversial issue at the moment. While a vegetarian diet is more of a necessity than choice in most countries, it’s slowly picking up pace in the western and the rest of the world. It has massive health benefits like, lower blood pressure, low cholesterol, strong immune system, etc. It is difficult to write a discursive essay on vegetarianism topic where one needs to remain neutral and not let their personal interests or opinions become a factor. What one eats is fast becoming a global debate and whether we should continue the path that we are walking on. Teachers are quick to catch on turn it into an essay topic for the students.

Vegetarianism - both sides of the coin

A discursive essay should be unbiased, preferably presented in an informal manner and list the pros and cons in successive paragraphs. Here’s how you can pick up good topics to write for your discursive essay:

  • Animal cruelty - State in your essay by mentioning what kind of conditions the animals are subjected to in one paragraph and in the next, mention how that is not the necessary case which applies to all. Exceptions are there and steps can be taken by regulating laws in the Animal Welfare Board.
  • Eco-friendly - Your essay should also mention that large tracts of land are utilized for growing cattle. More energy resources are utilized for the meat industry than the agricultural industry. Runoff from slaughterhouses is a health and environmental hazard. At the same time, deforestation is caused due to agricultural practices as well. Growing crops over and over again in the same land reduces the natural fertility of the soil, which in turn affects the yield and quality of successive crops. It is also economic and environmentally smart for relatively low earning farmers to grow cattle alongside crops.
  • Omnivorous diet - We were natural born hunters. We can choose to eat what we want. But argue that, Apes, the closest relatives to the human race are herbivores, why can’t we be?
  • Evolution - Human beings have evolved to eat meat. We have sharp canine teeth to digest flesh. Their digestive system has adapted over thousands of years to absorb meat as well as fruits and vegetables. To leave out either would mean disrupting the natural balance. You can discuss this in your essay.