Book Of Judith

Book of Judith is one of the controversial, as well as, an important text which is highly regarded as one of the first historical novel related to the Bible and is included as one of the canonical book among the orthodox Catholics and also among the Protestants but is excluded from the Jewish texts. Book of the Judith consists of many historic anachronisms which is one of the main reasons why the modern da historians regard it highly fictional historical novel written during the medieval ages. The term Judith which means Jewess is the female synonym of Judah. Book of the Judith is originally included in the Septuagint-the old Greek Testament and is assumed to be originally written in Hebrew language and later translated into the Greek language. Due to the mentioned of certain dynasties and kings in the book such as King of Assyria, and other Seleucid monarchs, it is assumed that this literary piece is a fictional one based on the real characters such as the King of Babylon who used to fight the Seleucid kings and it id from these evidences in the book, the historians has concluded that the Book of Judith has been written during the Hellenistic period.

The plot of the Book of Judith deals with the live of a beautiful, powerful , brave and bold Jewish widow Judith, who is really fed up and frustrated with the attitude and depressing mentality of her fellow Jewish countrymen regarding their power and position in the Israel and runs in low moral for fighting back with the repeated invaders. In order to protect her country Israel and countrymen –the Israelis from foreign invaders and enemies and restore the people faith in God, Judith hatches a dangerous plan. She walks up straight to the enemy camp along with one of her most trusted confidante and made to meet with the enemy camp’s general Holofernes projecting herself as an informant of the Israelis and promises to deliver the general secret information about her country and countrymen I order to provide the enemy camp with easy access to Israel. Holofernes is intrigued by Judith’s beauty and intelligence and allows her one night in his tent. On that fateful night, Judith goes to the tent and beheads the drunken general and carried his head to show off to her countrymen in order to boost their morals and reinstate their faith in God. Later, Judith plans to destroy first the enemy army forces and later the corrupted Israel’s army to save her country.

The Book of Judith has been adapted in various forms in many literatures and remains a significant text of Christianity and Judaism.