20 Great Examples Of Cause And Effect Essay Topics

A cause-effect essay is supposed to present the consequences of certain behaviors or active elements. The advantage of this kind of text is that it allows you to write about anything you are comfortable with. From literature to social norms or psychological conditions, anything can be included in this paper. As long as you keep the structure, and you integrate the main required elements, you have the freedom to choose everything else. Here are some great examples to use in your cause and effect essay:

  1. The consumption of fast-food. It can have terrible damage on long term, and it is the main cause of obesity in the modern era.
  2. Severe parenting. The more strict parents are, the more rebel and insecure the children will become.
  3. Alternative education. There are many different types of education nowadays; some of them bring great advantages for young teenagers.
  4. Discrimination. This can have a terrible impact on certain individuals or ethnic/religious groups.
  5. Rehabilitation programs. Even if many countries apply this instead of prison, the result is not always positive.
  6. Depression. So many teenagers deal with this problem without knowing that it can be treated.
  7. Bullying. A present matter in many schools nowadays, this can affect a child tremendously and turn him into an insecure adult.
  8. Smoking. Many campaigns are done every year to show the damages caused by smoking, but there is no significant improvement.
  9. Excessive hunting. This phenomenon was the primary reason for the extinction of many animals.
  10. Pollution. Not only the environment, but also humans and animals are affected by this.
  11. Lack of emotional support in children. Many parents don’t think that a distant relationship with their children will have bad consequences in the future.
  12. A sedentary life. There are many medical conditions that can be triggered by this way of life, and some of them can be life threatening.
  13. Technology abuse. We can notice how more and more people live their life on the internet, and the interaction between people became superficial.
  14. Globalization. What are the main consequences of this and in what positive way it changed your country?
  15. Recycling. A positive subject where you can show how beneficial recycling can be.
  16. Extracurricular activities for students. They have the chance to develop their passions and to become independent, successful individuals.
  17. Sugar consumption. Recent studies show that sugar can cause addiction and it one of the most damaging aliments when it is not consumed responsibly.
  18. Corruption. Some countries were destroyed because of corruption, and there are active efforts to stop this phenomenon.
  19. Alternative energy. There are many benefits that we can get from this type of energy, and we can decrease significantly the damaging of our planet.
  20. Hunger. There are many third world countries where people can’t find food or water. International organizations have tried for years to reverse this process.