How To Choose Strong WW2 Essay Topics: Some Great Suggestions

World War II is one of the most talked about topics in history today. There is virtually no history course that you will ever attend without the mention of World War II. For the same reason, it is important for you to make sure that you have some good topics that you can write on if you have been asked to come up with a paper on this.

Taking note of the fact that the World War II came just shy of 2 decades since the previous major world conflict, this was the deadliest war the world has ever witnessed. More than 30 countries were involved in the war, and more than 50 million people died during the same period, though there are estimates of up to 80 million. In 1939, Hitler decided to make a move on Poland, and as a result this started a war that went on for nearly 6 years Considering how important a topic this can be in history, it is important for you to select just the best topics that can actually be accepted by your tutor. The following are some topics that you can look into, and get useful content that can support your arguments in the process:

  • The iron Men of Metz – In memory of the US 95th Infantry Division. Your focus will be on the battles that went on around and inside Metz, and also provide some information on the Battle of Metz, the city that was considered a fortress.
  • Personal accounts and oral history of this deadly war. This should focus on the experiences of the veterans from back in the day. Consider bringing in stories and facts on theaters like Crete, the Pacific, Greece, Italy and Northern Africa, and how these slotted in perfectly into the strategic display of wits in the war.
  • The origins of World War II – What really caused the war? Look at the situation before, during and after the war. Was the war justified? Was there credible cause for the suffering that went on? Look at the consequences and how the war affected the superpowers back in the day. Consider the alliances that were forged during the war and how these have developed through the years.

Indeed when you are asked to write about this war, there is so much that you can find, so be very keen, and get your facts right.