20 Great Ideas For Your School Essay About Ethics

When teaching students, it is important to show them life skills, as well as academic skills. Teachers and Administrators want the students to conduct themselves in an ethical and compassionate way throughout their school years. Because this topic has been trending lately, you may be assigned a paper on ethics. If you wish a fresh and creative subject, use one of our 20 great ideas for your school essay.

20 Ideas

  1. A piece on a student conduct review committee is a creative idea.
  2. Look at how many strikes are too many strikes for the habitual offender in an argumentative piece.
  3. Do referrals and detentions really work would be a good editorial topic?
  4. Corporal punishment, does it still exist, and if so, why? Writing a descriptive paper on this would be a good idea.
  5. The ADHD child and behavior, an analysis idea.
  6. Dealing with the angry student in a cause and effect piece.
  7. When violence at home spills over into the school and the classroom makes for a good descriptive piece.
  8. Why every school needs a grief counselor would be a good idea for an editorial.
  9. How many guidance counselors should a school have on staff could be explored?
  10. Look at how ethics is defined and who defines it.
  11. What should be done when a student is constantly cheating? A review or journal style writing would work for this subject.
  12. Should a zero be given for a plagiarized essay? Use the persuasive format for this subject.
  13. How much collaboration is too much collaboration at school? Explore this subject in a expository style format.
  14. At what point should a problem child be kicked out of school, if ever? This is a nice descriptive topic.
  15. Why there are more honesty concerns in higher level classes would be a good expository paper.
  16. Should a college know when a child who has been caught cheating applies to their school, would make for a good persuasive composition.
  17. Should schools offer life skills classes that teach honesty and compassion could be explored in a cause and effect composition.
  18. When honesty is a class rule, does this mean a child who is unhonest might fail? Look at this in a descriptive style.
  19. It has been said that every child cheats. Take a survey and then compose your results in an informative composition.
  20. Look at college that strictly enforce their honor code and evaluate what their results are.