East Vs West


The East vs West is a term that we have all heard in many different ways but what does this actually mean? The East and West is not a physical divide by any means and instead it is more of a cultural divide meaning that the cultures of the West and the East are vastly different in many ways. Philosophers from both the East and the Western cultures have alluded to the fact that there is a great cultural drift between the East and the West.


Even though there is not a physical division as such, there are certain countries that are termed Eastern countries and other countries that are termed Western countries. Eastern countries tend to include:

  • Asia
  • India
  • Islamic countries
  • Japan
  • China

People from the West tend to look upon the Eastern countries with ideas of foreignness and call them oriental. Others take a view that Eastern cultures are more primitive than Western with ideas of nationalism and communism.

More recently the East Vs West divide continues with the idea of Islam and terrorism giving the wrong impression of what is generally a peaceful religion. In this divide you have people believing in an Islamic East vs a European West that includes Australia and America.

Eastern religions are also seen to be different to Western religions. Eastern countries tend to believe in religions that are dominated by a pantheon of gods and each religion is different to another.


Countries of the West have often been termed with the ideal of Western Civilisation. This idea of Western Civilisation is not a new ideal and it forms from ancient cultures such as the Romans and the Greeks who believed the people from the East were barbaric and savages. Countries that are considered to belong to Western Civilisation include:

  • European countries
  • America
  • Australia

People belonging to the Eastern countries often believe that the West are governed by greed and consumerism as Western people tend to be guided more by material gains than by spiritual gains.

Once it used to be a case of religion as well as culture that used to divide the East from the West. Western religion tended to be of the Catholic faith and even under the Reformation, it was the same religion but with different branches. Each of the Western religions believe in one God since the medieval times.


The East Vs West debate is not a geographical divide. Instead it is more about the different cultures and religions found all over the world.