A List Of Winning Essay Topics For College Students

The biggest problem that any college student faces when starting to write a winning essay is actually starting to write it! It all comes down to making a decision about the topic you are going to write about. If you are not enthused about the topic then how are you going to enthuse your reader?

Below are some suggestions, if you don’t find they are exactly what you want they may actually encourage you to develop some of the topics into winning essays.

  1. There is a dress code for students, should teachers and tutors wear some sort of uniform or is there already some unwritten dress code. (if you are interested in this you may find that a lot of educational establishments actually have a dress code for staff but it may not be enforced).
  2. What are the benefits of educating males and females separately? What evidence can you find to support this?
  3. What age is it appropriate for a child to have a cell phone? This needs to be a very balanced essay that is based on sound research.
  4. Why is space exploration so important? What benefits have we already experienced through space exploration?
  5. Has the use of I pads and Tablets improved the learning ability of students? What are the drawbacks?
  6. If we don’t formally teach handwriting, what impact will it have in the future?
  7. Why is it important to protect endangered species? What if it is part of an evolutionary process?
  8. Should professional athletes be allowed to have extensive tattoos?
  9. Why is it important for young children to learn about being responsible for their actions? Why is it important for them to become responsible for their own learning?
  10. In the past it was deemed very important that Latin was learned at school. Do you think that this is at all appropriate in today?
  11. In every society there are rules that we must abide by – but what about the unwritten rules?
  12. Which is more beneficial, a zoo or a conservation area? Who benefits most from a zoo and who benefits most from a conservation area?
  13. Often people are criticized for not dressing age appropriately –what rules do you think that people should follow and why?
  14. What are the qualities a book or story needs to be regarded as a good book or story? Be very specific.
  15. Take a specific person in history (Lincoln, Churchill etc), from any time period and choose a time when they had to make some important decisions. With the knowledge we now have would you have acted in the same manner and why?