7 Interesting Essay Topics About English Poets And Writers

Writing an essay on English literature requires deep knowledge of the subject, broadmindedness, and analytical abilities. One of the richest in the world, it has been dealing with the most essential issues concerning the life of people and society for about sixteen centuries. Therefore, you have hundreds of names, thousands of literary works, and a great amount of themes to choose from.

What Can Help you Choose a Topic for Your Literary Essay

You should consider this assignment as the possibility to get deeply into the secrets of creative work of a poet or a writer. Start with thinking over the following issues:

  • Your work shouldn't be a mere retelling of the author's biography. Simple enumeration of works accompanied by short commentaries isn't enough to demonstrate your skills in writing as well as creative thinking and analytical abilities. Therefore, it would be advisable to choose the most prominent feature in the author's creations and make this the departure point of your composition.
  • Choose a personality whose works haven't lost their value for our contemporaries. Really great writers and poets touched upon themes as well as problems that are important for humanity at any moment of its existence.
  • You cannot evaluate the author's contribution to the literary heritage without describing the era in which he/she lived. You'll have to depict the historical background of that time. What period of the British history interests you? What events attract you most? The answers to these questions may be helpful while thinking over the topic of your literary essay.
  • Your contemplations over great figures in English literature should provoke discussion and demonstrate reasonable arguments. Your purpose is to show the development of your own thoughts and ideas. Study criticism to show various points of view and express your personal opinion.

Probable Examples of What You can Write about

This list of essay topics corresponds to the criteria you should follow while making your choice:

  1. Charlotte and Emily Bronte: differences and similarities in descriptions of female characters in the novels “Jane Eyre” and “The Wuthering Hights”.
  2. Is our world a “Vanity Fair”? What makes William M. Thackeray’s novel actual nowadays?
  3. William Golding as a master of philosophical allegories.
  4. Intellectual crosswords in psychological plays of Harold Pinter.
  5. Thomas Stearns Elliot as one of the major figures in the literature of XX century.
  6. Desmond Stuart's anti-colonial novels: the prophecy of the fall of the British Empire.
  7. Reflection of political views of George Orwell in his novels “1984” and “Animal Farm”.