Picking Up Illustration Essay Topics: 23 Great Suggestions

An illustration essay is a common assignment that allows the student to create a picture on a subject using only written words. If you have been tasked with this assignment try one of these 23 great suggestions to complete your work.

  1. Choose your favorite automobile and describe its features and best attributes.
  2. Discuss your family and each member that is in your family.
  3. Pick your favorite country in the world and describe what makes it your favorite.
  4. Look at a news event and write an essay about the event.
  5. Describe a family trip that you took and discuss all the details of the event.
  6. Compose a piece that illustrates a dream you had.
  7. Pick your favorite place such as a park or a shopping mall and describe it in writing.
  8. Pick your least favorite place and tell why it is not your favorite.
  9. Describe a time in your life when you were very happy.
  10. Discuss your favorite sport and why you enjoy playing that sport.
  11. Pick your favorite actor and tell what makes them your favorite.
  12. Describe your family pet and what makes that pet an important part of your family.
  13. Discuss your favorite sports star and how they represent the game.
  14. Pick your favorite teacher and tell how they influenced your life.
  15. Choose a book that you have read and describe it for the reader.
  16. Describe the first time that you rode a bicycle and who helped you to learn.
  17. Talk about the first time you left your home and how it felt being on your own.
  18. Pick a person who has been influential in your life and describe why.
  19. Pick a famous person in history and discuss why they were important.
  20. Illustrate a famous historical event and show how it made an impact.
  21. Choose your favorite food and describe it for someone who may not have had that food.
  22. Illustrate how to cook an omelet and all the variations that can be made.
  23. Discuss how to fix a flat tire on an automobile and the necessary tools and safety precautions.

No matter what you choose to illustrate, any of these 23 great suggestions will get you on track to completing your essay in no time at all.