Looking For Trustworthy Scholarship Essay Examples: A Few Tips For Students

To apply for a college scholarship, you need to provide an essay explaining your circumstances and reasons. Good samples of such essays written by other people can help you figure out how to best approach yours. The question is where to get relevant examples. Here are a few tips to assist your search.

  • Visit a guide website.
  • There are websites that aggregate information on any college scholarships available at the moment – their location, eligibility criteria, and application rules. Enter “find college scholarships” in your search engine line, and you will see a few of them. Guide websites have a navigation system you can use to discover scholarships you qualify for; also, they house collections of high-quality sample essays. Read their descriptions to find the one that best meets your needs.

  • Browse university websites.
  • Some universities, such as San Diego State University or University of Michigan, offer full texts of sample scholarship essays on their websites. A few of these examples are written by education professionals to assist students, while others are genuine winning student essays (it should be stated directly). Use any search engine to discover such examples. Enter “scholarship essay sample,” then restrict the search to websites with “.edu” in their URLs.

  • Never plagiarize sample essays.
  • Any examples you discover are provided for insight on how you should write this kind of paper, and are not to be copied. If you plagiarize, the selection committee would easily see it (e. g. by checking your essay with special software) and you would lose any chance of getting this scholarship.

  • Be unique.
  • Do not regard any sample as a template in which you can simply insert your personal information and re-phrase slightly, in order not to be accused of plagiarism. Selection committees receive tons of similar essays. To improve your chances, you need to make your essay stand out. Even if your story is nothing special, you can discover a special way to tell it.

  • Stay yourself.
  • You might become so delighted by a particular example that you wish to write “something like that,” but what worked for another person might not work just as well for you. If you follow another essay’s tone and style too closely, it can make your story read stilted. You are not the sample’s author, so you can’t speak in his or her voice perfectly – and you don’t actually need to. Tell your story in your own voice – that’s what selection committees are looking for. Use an essay example as a source of ideas and inspiration, not as a model.