Where To Look For Great Summary Response Essay Examples

When you need to write a summary essay you will find yourself very often searching for examples. This is because even if you have done dozens of essays in your life, writing a summary is not exactly the same thing. Besides, each teacher can have specific, different requests for each subject and this can be confusing for a student who does not have a natural talent for literature. Instead of struggling for days to write something on your own, you can search for examples to inspire you to create your paper. Here are some tips that might help you. Ask your teachers for essay examples. For sure your professor has some samples that he can provide to the students who can’t figure out their homework. Of course, you can find examples on the internet of take them from your friends, but you can not be completely sure that they are free of any grammatical error and proof read. Your teacher will provide you only with papers that were already corrected and revised by him.

  • Know your subject well. When you write a summary for an article, research paper or book you need to know very well the topic. If you read it superficially do not expect to be able to create a good paper. Besides, you need to understand the topic deeply in order to be able to put the ideas in the summary using your own words. Do not copy any sentence from the original paper. If it’s vital that you put it in the summary, re-write it using your own words.
  • Do not write the entire story. The idea of a summary is to express, in a shorter form, the same ideas like in the original article and to give the reader an insight in the subject, not to tell the entire story. Try to keep your ideas short, clear and to introduce as much information as you can in short sentences. You can use some expressions from the original article but only if they are symbolic for some ideas.
  • Make sure your essay is having a complete structure. Do not just put separate ideas in separate sentences and make a list. It still needs to follow the same rules like any other essay: to have a clear introduction and conclusion; do not forget that at the beginning of your summary you must mention the name and the author of the article you are going to summarize.