20 Potential Topics For An Argumentative Essay About Technology In The 21st Century

Technology – the early men hardly thought it would be such an impacting word at a later time, but then they hardly thought of anything. Cut to the present climate and the word rules like any blazing currency.

Easy to conjure

There are disparate and profuse minds working their way on technology and so there is enough space for arguments. Thus, it becomes exceedingly possible to conjure argumentative essay topics on the subject.

You should think of technology from such an angle that it gets a dynamic overtone. Perhaps it would be wise to trace it in an unscientific way; it would relate more conveniently to arguments. You should also pick technologies that are relevant to a larger number of people; deicers don’t exactly hit the clock; LED television does.

The longevity factor

You should find out what people from different facets think about the technology. You should also assume its self-sustenance or longevity. In keeping with these tunes, it would be easy to express your suggestions whether in favor or against the argument.

Meanwhile, here are 20 inquisitive argument essay topics on technology for your reference –

  1. Will education technology be able to topple physical education any time soon?
  2. The status of underwater explorations and the repressing factors that they encounter
  3. The pivotal importance of blasting technique in the regime of construction
  4. How Stem Cell Therapy augurs well for human well-being in future
  5. Is technology a major factor behind the continuation of non-renewable energy sources?
  6. The technologies that will exalt the status of healthcare centers on a global scale
  7. The ill effects of technology on kids and adolescents
  8. Are teenagers being indoctrinated by dating and love sites in regard to their relationships?
  9. The super plan that is Smart Home concept
  10. The interpolations and thus friction between concomitant technologies
  11. Is technology bringing us closer or driving us apart?
  12. Will we be able to solve the landfill equation anytime soon?
  13. The revolutionary facets of 3D printing
  14. The premise and promise of pre-fabricated homes
  15. How Nature keeps throwing diseases to test the extant technologies?
  16. The new interventions in computer technology
  17. The humane aspect of technology; is it really doing humanity a service by taking the space of human workers
  18. The dread of being overhauled – technologies come into being and are very soon replaced by a newer one
  19. The technology behind strength training and preparation of professional bodybuilders
  20. A talk on the aviation technology and the scope for improvement there