Mexico: Culture And Politics

Every country is known because of its culture and other important features. Mexico is one of the most famous countries in the world. This is why it is a force to reckon with. It’s political and rich culture are some of its key factors that make it so famous in the world.

Politics of Mexico

The politics and the culture of Mexico are very closely related. These two date back to the time before and after colonization. Early in the sixteenth century, Spain invaded Mexico. Mexico is rich in minerals, and Spain saw the potential and took the step to step to exploit the advantage. When they came in, they drove out the native people. Most of them died while most of those that were left were taken in as slaves. Aztecs, which is one of the mighty communities in Mexico, could not stand the European Invasion. Mexico came to be divided by thy invasion into two. The two main groups were made depending on what people owned. There were the land and property owners. The other group was of the few that did not own a lot. They were the slaves that worked in the mines and always took orders from the few that owned. After independence, the two groups in Mexico persisted. Mexico was, however, keen to pick up the pieces of and make a better place. Its political system was a single party system. The formation of the Partido Revolution Institutional was an important step for the Mexicans. Though in the 1920s it still commanded a few numbers of political bosses, it was an important step to define the politics of Mexico. By 1960, this party had gained a lot of numbers, and it was a force to reckon with. With the increase of followers, the people of the common class felt involved in the political process of the nation. It was, however, faced with a lot of problems ranging from cruelty, bribery, and intimidation. The party has, however, gained a lot of power and has strongly defined the political nature of Mexico to the international community.


As stated above, the political culture of Mexico and the European invasion influenced the culture of the Mexican people greatly. The people of Mexico honor a lot the native past. They are also known for their great zeal for the modern will. Due to the European invasion, most of the Mexicans are Catholics and tend to speak Spanish because of colonization.