A List Of Challenging Argumentative Essay Topics You Should Try Out

You will be able to enjoy writing an argumentative essay if you choose a topic that is interesting to you personally. It should be both challenging and controversial in order to make a strong impression on your teacher and peers. Here are a few ideas you can use when working on an argumentative essay:

  1. Is cheating on exams truly a bad thing?
  2. The grades received in schools make students feel inadequate and only disrupt the process of education.
  3. Standardized tests cannot measure the true extent of a student’s abilities.
  4. Schools today do not provide students with enough opportunities to develop their creative sides.
  5. We learn very little useful information in school.
  6. Online learning is more efficient than attending a traditional class.
  7. People should be granted an opportunity to create their own identities online.
  8. A person can be judged based on his or her posts in various social media.
  9. Digital books are better than printed books,
  10. Did the creation and popularization of digital cameras reduce the true value of photography as a form of art?
  11. Companies should not be allowed to collect any personal information about their clients.
  12. Television is becoming obsolete.
  13. Reality shows are proof of cultural degeneration.
  14. TV commercials are a new form of art.
  15. Violent video games do not make children violent.
  16. School encourages gender segregation.
  17. Boys face more pressure from their parent’s sides than girls.
  18. Do online meeting services promote sexual violence?
  19. There should be more compulsory physical education in schools.
  20. The fine line between pranking and bullying. Does it even exist?

These are only a few topics you can consider if you cannot come up with any interesting ideas at the moment.

In case you don’t like any of them, you should keep on searching. You can get some really good ideas for an argumentative essay topic from many different places. For example:

  • Follow the news.
  • One of the main requirements of a good topic is for it to be relevant. You will know what the most popular issues today are if you stay informed of all the major events.

  • Sign up for updates from professional blogs.
  • If you are interested in some particular subject, you should stay tuned for any changes in this field. Follow some specialized blogs and dedicated newsfeeds.

  • Socialize with different people.
  • Talking to many different people about a great variety of issues will not only help you come up with original topic ideas, but will also provide you with an opportunity to develop some very good arguments.