GED Essay Topics: How To Find An Interesting Idea For Your Paper

In your GED test, you are assigned a topic to write the essay on. There are no choices for you to pick from, no list, no options, and nada! This means that you should be able to write a quality essay, within the specified time limit, on a topic you have just seen for the first time. This may be hard for some, but you can do just fine if you practice beforehand. The good thing about a GED essay topic is that it is general. What is being tested is your composition skill, rather than knowledge. If you are good at outlining and formulating an essay, your mission is about accomplished. To generate some good ideas, start practicing NOW. Here are a few topics that can be used as samples for GED. These can also be your term paper topic ideas:

  1. Is teenage pregnancy a good or a bad thing? Argue for or against teenage pregnancy.
  2. Is the “right to die” as valid as “the right to live”?
  3. If you were free to live wherever you wanted in the world, which place would you choose.
  4. Is money wealth? Describe the meaning of wealth, as you understand it.
  5. What is your philosophy in life?
  6. The best year of your life
  7. An encounter that changed something in you, or changed your life in a significant way
  8. A teacher you will never forget.
  9. What is the function of “Laws” in your opinion?
  10. Does the freedom of speech include freedom to express hatred or ridicule? Argue for or against hate speech.
  11. Why do girls cover the upper parts of their bodies? Your opinion
  12. The human body is a perfect machine. True or false Persuade according to your position on the subject
  13. What are the qualities of a good friend/teacher/parent/big brother/big sister?
  14. The one thing you have always dreamed about
  15. What do you think is superior, cooperation or competition?

Practice writing your essay by randomly picking a topic and writing an essay on it. Go through the whole process of brainstorming, outlining, thesis development, writing, and editing within 45 minutes. If writing is not your strongest skill, try asking for help while you prepare for your GED. There are resources that can assist you in your preparation, but be sure to decide well in advance.