How To Craft A Good Proposal Essay: Free Tips & Examples

Proposal essays serve a very simple function: to get the intended reader to agree that the proposed project should be allowed to move forward. A poorly done one represents a colossal waste of time for the following reasons:

  • It requires you to select a new topic
  • The proposal itself will need to be redone
  • The presentation to the supervisory committee or professor will need to be repeated

These all can be avoided by getting it right the first time. The following tips can make you less likely to face failure:

  • Ask for the faculty’s guidelines
  • Some schools have very specific rules and regulations as regards the completion of proposals and submission. If you are unaware of these or have not studied them well you can very easily find yourself breaking every one unwittingly. Once you have your hands on these guidelines always keep them handy and if possible commit them to memory.

  • Try a template
  • Templates show you the precise format you need to use and even let you just input your information in the specified areas. This creates a perfectly formatted document with less of the effort. This method isn’t fool proof though. If you acquired a template that uses the wrong format you will still be in danger of having your work rejected.

  • Get feedback
  • If you lack the know-how to write the proposal well, have someone check on your progress as you go along. This can get your work corrected so that you never go too far off course. If you have an academically inclined friend, they can do the job for you. A tutor is also helpful in this case. If not, check paid writing services that may be having free offers temporarily.

  • Practice
  • Your first proposal will probably be the worst you ever write. Try not to make this the one you submit. Write a few just to get familiar with what you have to do when you finally get around to doing the one that counts. This should make your final submission of a higher quality. You can also consider doing shorter ones for practice so that the process doesn’t take as long.

  • View samples
  • If you can get your hands on examples of good proposals these can help you to tailor your own proposal to match their style.

With these actions you can make sure your essay is of the finest quality and serves its purpose well.