A List Of Original Cold War Essay Topics For High School

The Cold War is one of the most frequently assigned history essay topics in high school. To pick a truly original aspect of this subject, you need to look beyond what is discussed in your textbook.

  • How reasonable were the USSR’s security concerns after World War II?
  • The Soviet Union had the largest number of casualties during the Second World War. Given this, should the US have had more consideration for their position?

  • Could the US have allowed the Soviet Union to control Poland?
  • Roosevelt was willing to make concessions on Poland, while Truman took a hard line. Which approach do you think was wiser?

  • Which side strengthened its position more significantly during the Korean War?
  • The Korean War, which was part of the Cold War, led to the emergence of two Korean states that still exist today – North Korea, dominated by Communist ideology, and South Korea, which is far more prosperous and successful. Considering this, can we say that the US, and its democratic ideology, eventually won this war?

  • Which president’s administration was most successful in implementing the containment doctrine?
  • The doctrine of containing Communism changed significantly throughout Truman’s, Eisenhower’s, and Kennedy’s administrations. Compare their policies and give a well-rounded answer as to which was the most successful.

  • How did the American economic boom of the 1950s effect the country’s position in the Cold War?
  • Did this unprecedented economic growth help the US endure the war, or did it make our foreign policies too rash and expansionist?

  • Were the Red hunts justified?
  • The Red hunts, of late 40s and early 50s, were driven by a fear of Communist infiltration to governmental bodies. How realistic was this fear? What were the costs of this policy to American society?

  • Why was the Soviet launch of Sputnik I important?
  • How realistic was the US fear of Soviet expansion into the third world?

  • The Cold War from the perspective of a particular third world country.
  • The Cold War affected, not only those directly involved but, most countries in the world as well. Analyze its impact on a particular country in Africa or Asia – perhaps a country which you or your ancestors come from.

  • The impact of the Cold War on the lives of ordinary people. in either the US or the USSR.
  • How were the ordinary citizens affected? (Hint: they could have had less consumer power because the government put more money into military expenditure, rather than helping the poor.

  • Was the Soviet Union actually “the evil empire”?
  • If you are looking for a bit of controversy, try to pick arguments in favor of the view that the USSR was not “the evil empire” as Reagan called it.