Biology Of Frankenstein


Biology is a type of science concerned with studying life and all living organisms. The natural science consists of multiple branches and subcategories, which have select concepts such as the fact that all organisms consist of cells. The sub categories have a variety of aspects that define them, and set them apart from the rest such as the organisms and methods through which they are studied. Biochemistry, cellular biology, ecology and botany are only a few of the studies that fall under the broad spectrum of Biology.


Frankenstein is a novel written by Mary Shelly in the 17th century. Its plot revolves around a young science study named Victor Frankenstein who used a science experiment to create a sentient creature. The story is an example of early science fiction that caught the attention of many and had a significant effect on literature in modern times.

Is the science experiment becoming a reality?

In recent times, biologists began to dabble in the theory behind the creation of Frankenstein in a branch of biology that is known as synthetic biology. They aim to not only manipulate the human genetics, but also create it. This means that the scientists aim to adjust the genetic code of living organisms is replaced with their need to create new DNA sequences by treating it as if it is a complicated computer program.

The experimentation is still in its early stages, and is already met with certain concerns; such as whether or not it is possible, who should regulate and monitor the procedures, and how far the science of the experiment should be allowed to progress.

The amount of unanswered questions has fueled the concerns revolving around the field of science. So far the scientists have only been able to transform bacterial cells into a living calculator and while they have many hopes, it is not clear how far this field will be able to progress. There is a fear that while the scientists may produce results that benefit society, there are also a variety of severe effects that might accompany their experimentation including but not limiting its potential for biological warfare.

There are also a variety of concerns regarding the moral and ethical aspects of such experimentation. While the theory posed in the book by Mary Shelly fascinated many, they question a human’s right to try to create life.

Synthetic biology or the ‘biology of Frankenstein’ is an interesting and yet widely controversial field of science and its large scale results remain to be seen.