Our Troubled World

Our world is full of trouble and it is struggling in different ways such as economically, peacefully and environmentally. Some people believe that humans are causing those troubles; others however, believe that they are being caused naturally.

The economical trouble that our world is facing is somehow considered to be natural by some people, however it is a very serious matter and we must act on it. Poverty has always been in our world and in any nation whether it was in a rich country or poor. The rate of poor people and their level of poverty are rapidly increasing which is a very big concern. Approximately half of the world lives in poverty and in face of such unfortunate events, the governments and leaders of those poor nations often become powerless and its citizens are usually known for being unhealthy and illiterate. People who live in developed countries are considered to be richer than those in developing countries; therefore they have the ability to create new charity organizations and finally decrease the rate of poverty in the world.

Every cloud has a silver lining and unfortunately we cannot achieve peace without going through war first. Today, many people are predicting World War 3 which is frightening for world leaders and citizens. Although peace has always been present in our world there are many countries fighting terrorism, people are slaughtering each other for money. Other countries are in conflicts and tension. In other words, there is more war than peace in our world and many people have already started to lose their faith in humanity and its existence.

There are also environmental problems that our planet has been facing for several years, such as global warming, deforestation, water and waste. These factors are causing serious threats to our planet. Conversely, people claim that these issues are not real. They are, in fact if we do not work on these problems; our next generation may not be able to live a long and healthy life. To come to the point, our world is facing many different troubles, some caused by humans and others by nature. All nations must work together, hand in hand to overcome these difficult troubles.