Picking Powerful Topics For An Exploratory Essay On Euthanasia

An exploratory essay looks at all the pros and cons of the main topic or argument. The exploratory paper does not take sides on the subject matter. The essay will let the reader make a decision on what side they will take on the main topic of the paper. There is no right or wrong answer in an exploratory writing.

This is what the writer tries to accomplish when doing an exploratory paper:

  • Try to explain to the reader the question being argued.
  • Discuss the various views that individuals have on the arguing question.
  • The writer will be able to provide their view and perspective on the debated question.

Here are the best ways to find a subject for the exploratory research paper:

  • Try to find a topic that has not been resolved or solved as of yet.
  • Base it on facts that cannot be easily answered.
  • The argument of the subject should have at least three different perspectives or views.
  • The question should be related to a current issue or current topic of interest to the general public.
  • The issue chosen should be very important to the general public.

Here is the proper format for an exploratory writing:

  • The Introduction of the paper should state the topic as a thesis statement, let the reader know what will discuss in the essay and state the main arguments of the topic.
  • The Body of the paper should be divided into several paragraphs because each section will discuss each argument on the topic. There will be a paragraph where the writer gives their own perspective on the subject and their perspective on the different arguments regarding the topic.
  • The Conclusion of the paper reiterates the thesis statement, highlights each argument on the topic and helps the reader to decide the best argument for the thesis statement.

Here are some good topics to consider for an exploratory essay on euthanasia:

  • Is mercy killing considered a crime or not?
  • Would mercy killing be considered a sin in biblical terms?
  • Is assisted suicide considered a sin in biblical terms?
  • Should a medical professional be allowed to assist a person with killing themselves, if they are suffering from a terminal illness?
  • Does the state have a right to determine if a person should live or die, if they are suffering from a terminal illness?
  • Why is assisted suicide such a huge epidemic among young people from ages 13 to 21 years old in the 21st Century?