What Role Does Stress Play In Relation To Job Performance And Relationships In The Workplace?

To my opinion, stress is one of the biggest challenges that are being faced in today’s work environment. In general, stress is the major issue of the whole twenty first century. Constantly changing work conditions seem to have led to constant emotional instability, stressful relationships at work and lack in deep relaxation. Nowadays stress is like the shadow that invariably follows us. In this essay I am going to analyze how the stress affects job performance and relationships in the workplace.

First of all I want to emphasize that stress, in a sense, can be really useful. Let us consider an obvious example. Sometimes you have to meet tight deadlines on the job. Such a stressful situation helps you to hold attention, set your mind on the task and act really efficient. The job performance has been considerably improved. Of course this state cannot last long. It may lead to some harmful effects like sleep deprivation, irritation and anxiety, frustration, exhaustion of the whole body. A little stress boosts your job performance, but requires some time to recover and fill up your energy resources.

It is interesting to think how stress influences relationships in the workplace. Certainly various personalities react differently under stress. One rises to the challenge vigorously and likes taking responsibilities, one operates slowly and is able only to fulfill direct orders. It is not a matter of being good or bad employee. Everyone is able to realize his own potential under the right circumstances. It depends on how well a team has been built and how well members of the team cooperate with each other. I think that an intelligently built team will consist of distinct personalities that operate differently under stress. It will ensure stability of the team and continuity of the work process. The team will stay motivated and will overcome every challenge it faces. And the most important is that stressful moments at work will not ruin the spirit of productive and meaningful activity. Relationships between employees will stay loyal and friendly. It looks like the dream for every employer.

I think that stress cannot be avoided in the workplace. But one can built own team in a way of going easily through stress without losing job performance. After all, a little bit of stress might be even good and refreshing.