Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe is a personality who can never be forgotten as one of the persons that contributed significantly to the growth of literature. Edgar Allan Poe, the poet and an author was born in Boston. It's unfortunate however that Poe was orphaned at the age of three years. This fact did not however hinder entry into and growth of his career in poetry and writing. Edgar Allan Poe is popular and famous for being an articulate writer, poet and editor. He is thus a significant figure in the history of literature in America. Sometimes, however, he did not acknowledge the works or success of the other writers. He was a successful but proud writer. He so much believed in himself and abilities to write and compose poems. Edgar Allan Poe did not only engage in poetry writing only, he also wrote short stories.

Edgar Allan Poe: Career Success

The fact that Poe had the strong belief in himself and writing abilities was a primary reason for his success. He wrote poems. He also engaged in short stories writing. The works of Edgar Allan Poe were characterized by uses of satire and also humor. He popularized the genre horror. Thrilling poems and short stories were a major inspiration to people to read and use his works of literature. Edgar Allan Poe is also acknowledged for fathering detective fiction. This was a significant success in his career.

Edgar Allan Poe: Major Contributions to Literature

Edgar Allan Poe can never be forgotten because of his contributions to literature, especially in America. One of the major styles of the writer in his writing is the use of riddles. The author uses riddles to make his stories more interesting. He also makes uses of the riddles to move the characters in the story from one point to another. This is a very impressive style of writing that the author uses. The use of riddles in his works is an important contribution to literature. This is because people learn more riddles from his works. Emulations of other authors to use riddles is also a notable inspiration power of riddles as used by the author Edgar Allan Poe. Popularizing riddles is achieved through the author's work and style. Riddles also started being incorporated into the music, especially pop music. Edgar Allan Poe is also popular for his contribution of fathering Fiction literature that spread and was used by other authors.