Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden; He was a terrorist leader who became a character similar to the villain “Voldemort” the apathetic villain in Harry Potter, after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. The symbol of chaos- the brainchild of Modern day terrorism.

Is it the person that the whole world feared or the basic idea of him, the essence of his being? He was the fundamental Islamic fanatic who tried to wage war against the Modern/ Western world. He began his life as the 12th child of an Afghani builder in Saudi Arabia. The King, due to his hard work and allegiance to the Royal family favored Osama’s father. Hence, Osama had a comfortable but uneventful upbringing. He was religious from his youth, after an early marriage to a relative he joined the Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi Arabia.

Even though Osama’s father Abdullah had created a huge building corporation whose basic purpose was to deal with building in the Arabian Peninsula, Osama was disinterested in simply following his father’s trade. He went to Pakistan to fund the Afghani mujahedeen against the Soviet Union. He came back to his homeland after the Soviet Union surrendered in 1979. His perspective on life had been transformed during his stay.

After he expressed his dislike for the Sadaam regime, the Saudis tried to keep pacify him and keep him close, but he fled their protection. He went to Sudan and then later Pakistan, where he associated with various religious Ulema/ Taliban.E.g Mullah Umar. He gained respect as well as a considerable following. He also founded camps near Peshawar that were called “ Al Qaeda” (literally meaning: the base).

Osama Bin Laden: the person responsible for the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade center that shook the world had a fundamental Islamic Ideology. He believed in the creation of a single Muslim unit that would be ruled by a religious Caliphate. This meant the complete dismissal of the moderate Islamic forces present in the world. Moreover, he was dismayed by the American entry into Iraq and sought to gather mujahedeen in order to fight the Americans and Jewish elements in the world. He thought that the Jews were spreading destruction, while the Americans were a direct threat to his growing power.

Bin Laden was on the top on the most wanted list by FBI and CIA till his death in 2011, but was he not successful in spreading the seeds of chaos and disarray? That is the main question. In 2011 a man was killed, the man called Osama Bin Laden. Nonetheless the jihadists suicide bombers have just begun. Today, the world is a concoction of killings, Islamic phobia and inadequate policies to keep the world safe.

We might have eliminated the man, however we need to put more effort into eradicating the ideas that he propagated in this Modern world, to make it peaceful once more.