Apostle Paul

The Apostle Paul was one of the most zealous teachers and defenders of the Roman Catholic Faith. What was he like before he became a Christian? What made Paul convert to Catholicism?

Paul’s Hebrew name was Saul, and before he became a follower of Christ he vigorously persecuted Christians. Saul was a Pharisee, a believer in the righteousness of his cause and he saw nothing wrong in his actions of stirring up hostile intent against the Christians. For Saul it was a necessary evil that he pick up the sword and hunt down those Jews who had forsaken their faith in order to follow the teachings of a man that the Romans had crucified. Saul was also a Roman citizen, and he used his status to keep the Roman soldiers out of his affairs.

The conversion of Saul from persecutor to defender of the Catholic Faith is not only beautiful but a clear sign that God has a plan for everyone, whether mankind will go along with His plan is a matter of choice. While on his way to Tarsus, where he would be helping the Jewish authorities deal with the city’s Christian inhabitants, Saul was accosted on the road by a bright light. Falling from his horse, Saul saw the face of Jesus Christ, who asked him, Saul, why he was persecuting Him, Christ.

Saul was then struck blind and lived in darkness for three days. With help he made his way to Tarsus and was met by the Christian Ananias, who had been instructed by God to heal Saul’s eyes. Once Saul regained his sight he praised God and took his Latin name, Paul, as how to be known from thenceforth. The Jews of Tarsus, who Paul had been on his way to help, were not pleased by Paul’s conversion and sought to kill him.

With the help of his new Christian friends, Paul was lowered in a basket down the city wall and escaped. After this narrow escape, Paul did not hide but instead he began evangelizing his found faith wherever he went. He wrote many epistles to the Christians in various cities who were either struggling with their faith or facing persecution. These epistles have been recorded in the Holy Bible, as well as his life and deeds in the Acts of the Apostles.

Therefore, the Apostle Paul was once a persecutor of the Christina faith, but became a believer through the divine intervention of Christ. His zealousness was turned from hatred into utter devotion and defending Christ’s teachings with not only his words but his actions as well. He used his Roman citizen connection to bring the faith to more places than the other Apostles had been able to reach.