What Are The Most Popular Persuasive Essay Topics?

Writing a persuasive essay is quite an interesting task if you know what you are doing. The basic purpose of writing a persuasive essay is to think of an arguable topic and then develop your stance by collecting strong supporting evidence, logical reasoning and concrete examples. You need to convince your readers to your ideas, and for that you need a winning paper. The most critical part about writing a persuasive essay is to choose the right topic.

Below are few examples that you can use for your persuasive essay

Popular persuasive essay topics

  1. There is a possibility of life existence on planets other than our Earth in the solar system
  2. Super natural existence, a creation of the mind or a reality
  3. Levitation is still possible in today’s world with a few careful practices
  4. We should look for similarities between different cultures and religions rather than fighting over conflicts
  5. Weapons of mass destruction must not exist at all and the money spent on them should save many lives
  6. Individuals who live for others and are selfless make the best examples of humanity
  7. Living in a city is far better and easier than living in a remote area
  8. The role of teachers in shaping a student’s character is equally important as that of parents
  9. The side effects of internet and advancements in technology
  10. Love and sex are as natural instincts as eating and drinking, people should be more open to such subjects
  11. No individual has the right to stop or intrude others from thinking something or having a certain belief
  12. Religion cannot be imposed and neither can love
  13. The binding force between physical and the spiritual world is self-acknowledgment
  14. What the world will look like in 2050 may not be very pleasant to hear
  15. Can machines overtake the human brain as shown in some popular Hollywood movies and comics
  16. Can a child recognize his parents if they have not met him since his birth
  17. Are humans prone to constant change or they prefer stability in nature
  18. Learning to say no is an art that people should develop to stay upright in practical lives
  19. Exploitation of labor is unethical but a sure way of maximizing profit margins in business
  20. Taking care of the work force is essential for having higher creativity and increasing productivity