Eleven Successful Topics For Creating An Excellent Argumentative Essay

Very often, and at every level of academia, you will be expected to write essays intended to argue for and defend your point. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to think of the perfect subject to write about and create an excellent piece of work. Listed below, therefore, are eleven suggestions that will provide ample inspiration for an inspired and brilliant essay at any level for any pupil.

  1. Is the problem of cheating in schools better or worse now than 20 years ago?
  2. Cheating is a big problem in schools, but it is difficult to tell whether the problem is getting worse, staying the same or getting better.

  3. What rights should schools have to punish pupils?
  4. Sometimes students need to be punished but is corporal punishment too much? Does verbal chastisement go far enough?

  5. Can torture ever be ‘right’?
  6. Sometimes torture is used as a means to get vital information for the benefit of others. Is that admissible?

  7. Should we use animals for medical research?
  8. Medical research has given us so much in the last 100 years, and a lot of that is down to using animals for medical research. Does that make it right?

  9. Is the behaviour of children getting worse or better?
  10. Children misbehave, especially in schools. But are they doing worse things than 100 years ago or not? Are they in fact staying the same?

  11. Should tampons be taxed?
  12. Tampons are taxed as a luxury item whereas men’s razors are not because they are ‘necessary’. Is that fair? Should we be putting tax on men’s razors, too, or taking the tax off of tampons?

  13. Is it ever right to kill another person?
  14. If someone is attempting to kill you, is it alright to kill them in self-defence? When else is killing someone else admissible?

  15. Does homework help children learn or not?
  16. A lot of people - especially children - complain about homework. Is it harmful or not?

  17. Are bankers paid too much?
  18. Bankers earn a lot of money, and some think they earn it unfairly. How much is ‘too’ much?

  19. Are taxes fair?
  20. Some people pay more, some fewer, taxes. Does the current system benefit some and not others?

  21. Is our election procedure fair?
  22. Is it only possible for a certain person to get into power? Does the voting system properly represent our choices? What does it mean to be ‘fair’?