Top 20 Unique Ideas For Economics Essay Topics

To identify the best and most unique ideas for research in economics, one must understand the basics of economics. A simple definition of economics is a social science that is concerned with how goods and services are distributed and consumed. There are numerous compelling and interesting topics to research.

How to choose
  1. Level of qualification- economics classes have a limited scope considering the level of qualification you are targeting. The levels that determine the extent of scope include:
    • Certificate
    • Diploma
    • Undergraduate
    • Postgraduate diploma
    • Masters
    • PhD

    The depth and scope of coverage in each of the cases above varies. A writer should know the level at which the research paper will be used.

  2. Scope of your discussion- scope should be understood in two angles. The focus of your paper may be on a particular field like technology, agriculture, natural resources, services delivery, etc. Geographical scope is the second determinant of scope and relates to the dynamics of economics in a particular district, country, state, continent or the entire world.

With a clear understanding of the academic level of your dissertation and the scope of your discussion, here is a list of the most unique essay topics in economics.

  1. The effect of mobile technology on the economy
  2. Russia’s political maneuvers and the global energy equation
  3. A futuristic image in the face of China’s rising economic and political might
  4. The impact of labor migration and immigration on regional economies
  5. The effect of the Ebola epidemic on the global tour and travel industry
  6. Reducing gas prices and the economic impact on countries that are reliant on fossil fuel
  7. New interest rates in the European region and its impact on economic recovery
  8. What has been the impact of the World Bank as an organization and what is its future?
  9. Chinese Trade Policy and its effect on European Nations
  10. Are there any opportunities arising out of climate change?
  11. Has the European Union helped or worsened the economic turmoil in the last decade?
  12. Is cyber hacking an economic opportunity?
  13. Which is the most vulnerable global/regional economy in 2015?
  14. Which country made the worst economic move in 2014?
  15. Is obesity a threat or opportunity in the economy?
  16. How is renewable energy affecting economies in different regions?
  17. Does the global biodiversity decline have a negative or positive impact?
  18. Is nuclear power a plus or minus for developing countries?
  19. Which is the natural resource for the future?
  20. Does space exploration offer any significant economic advantage?