Top 7 Tips That Will Help You Find Non-Plagiarized Essay Samples

There are all kinds of essay samples you can find on the web that have not been plagiarized but YOU will be accused of plagiarism if you copy them, of course, because everything on the web is going to show up on copy scape, of course.

When looking at sample essays or research papers, pay special attention to the structure of the paper and these elements in particular:

  • Interesting introduction and how they get your attention
  • How the author clearly states their purpose in a thesis statement at the end of the introduction
  • How the author uses body paragraphs to provide all the evidence of their thesis that they need to make a
  • convincing paper
  • The author’s thought-provoking closing paragraph

Here are seven great sources of non-plagiarized paper samples

  1. Ask your English teacher or professor
  2. Do you know that one of the best resources of a non-plagiarized paper sample is your English instructor? Why? Because they grade a gazillion papers a month and always keep samples of the best ones to pass out to their classes as great samples of papers. Tell your teacher you want to read one – or even more – samples of good writing. Ask the teacher to, perhaps, sit down with you and explain what makes that a winning paper and likely, the teacher will let you keep that as a sample to model your own paper up.

  3. Use Google Scholar—but Do Not Pay
  4. Google scholar is full of great model essays you won’t have to pay for if you’re careful.

  5. Go to University Writing Center Websites
  6. Writing centers like OWL always have sample papers and ones in MLA or APA format (and Chicago style too).

  7. Check out books of essays in your local or university library
  8. Ask the librarian to help you find award winning college or high school paper collections. These are great sources of model essays.

  9. Google Award Winning Essays on the Web
  10. Google Award-winning high school or college essays and use only the best!

  11. Ask a Friend Who ALWAYS Gets A’s
  12. Ask a friend who is great in English to let you see one or two A level essays.

  13. Look in Scholastic Magazines and Journals
  14. There are great essays in easier to read magazines and journals such as Atlantic Monthly that you can use as a great model for a highly original paper of any kind.