15 Unique College Essay Topics You Should Consider

When you are working on your college essay, you might struggle with choosing a topic. Since you cannot write an essay without a topic, it is important that you choose one that speaks to you. College essays often take more time to write than a typical essay, so picking a good topic is vital to your success. Since the college essay is designed to help you get into college, you want to showcase your skills. If you are not given a topic to write about for your college essay, here are 15 topics that you can consider:

  1. Food memories. Many of the best (and worst) memories involve food. Since we attach food to special events, it is easy to remember those events and what was served. Write your essay about a favorite memory that involves a special meal or a favorite food.
  2. Successes. Write about a success that you had. Tell the story vividly to showcase your skills.
  3. Failures. While you might not want to share failures, the sad stories in our lives usually end up being the most interesting to read. You can certainly make it personal by telling what you learned and what you would have done differently.
  4. Favorite outdoor activities. Outdoor activities offer inspirational stories. Maybe you crashed on your skis or maybe you learned how to drive a boat. Whatever you love to do outside, you can share your experiences in your college essay.
  5. Dedication. Schools want their students to stay for four years (or more). Show that you are dedicated by discussing what you have been dedicated to in your young life.
  6. Favorite environment. Where do you feel the most comfortable and why?
  7. Bildungsroman. This is a story about coming of age. When did you realize you were an adult?
  8. Influential art. What pieces of art - whether music, poetry, fiction, painting, etc. - has inspired you the most?
  9. Long term goals. Share those with the committee that is going to decide whether or not to accept you. Show that the college will help you reach those goals.
  10. Special skills. What can you do that other people cannot do?
  11. Favorite historical character. What historical figure would you most like to interview? Why?
  12. Pick a meaningful quote. This could be a quote from a famous person or a mantra that you repeat regularly. Share why the words are meaningful to you.
  13. What you can offer to the school. Why should the school pick you over someone else?
  14. What fascinates you. There has to be something that always catches your attention. Maybe it is fashion? Sports? Outer space?
  15. Extracurricular activities. What have you done outside of school that has affected your life?