Biblical Theology

The Bible is the most widely read of all books in the world. It has stood the test of time and its relevance spans across centuries, cultures, and contexts around the globe. The Bible is the single book that bridges the span between time and eternity and provides an abundant life in the now and eternal life in the hereafter. It is no wonder then that so many people have found succour, peace, and solace in its pages that spell a meaning for life and hope for the beyond.

Biblical theology refers to the systematic and formal study of the Bible and its precepts. The Bible is a storehouse of information and while it is a compilation of 66 ‘Books written by myriad authors and also over the ages, it is indeed divine in its inspiration. Theology provides the basis for in-depth study of the Bible and delving deep into its implications and relevance for contemporary living. There is a world of life-transforming power in the pages of the Bible, and theology helps in bringing this power to the fore and transforming not only human thinking, but indeed human destiny!

There are some who argue that the Bible was relevant for a different time and age. However, Biblical theology provides the basis and also the means for examining how the Bible can impact human lives even today. This is something that has been attested time and again by those who can safely be classified as serious Christians. Biblical Theology provides Christians with all the knowledge and grace of the divine plan of redemption provided by God through his Son Jesus Christ. This forms the very basis of the Christian faith and, hence, Biblical Theology provides deep insight into all the doctrines, precepts, and principles that are central to and part and parcel of Christian faith and living.

Any book can be read in a cursory or superficial way or alternatively with deep understanding and insight. It is no different with the Bible, where Biblical theology helps people to get to the core of the message of the Books of the Bible and a revelation of God’s divine plan for humanity at large and the individual, in particular. One of the key aspects of Biblical Theology is that it provides a clear and incisive insight into the practical applications and utter relevance of the Bible for modern times and people. It is thus imperative for serious Christians to take up Biblical theology as part of their life endeavour.